Be creative and innovative

Be creative and innovative

Children have to be creative and innovative in today’s world.  Here are some tips to improve creativity and innovation in children.

1.      Playing with other children is really important for the development of a child.  Parents can help the children to develop their own game with the rules and this helps to be more creative.

2.      Toys play an important role in the development of a child.  Parents should choose toys that will allow kids to create something on their own.  Toys like building blocks and playdough help to develop creativity and imagination.  The child can try to make their own.

3.      Parents should encourage the child to talk more and share about what they see.  This way helps them to explore more and think in-depth.

4.      Parents should encourage the child to ask more questions.  This helps them to go deep and research.  If we don’t know the answer to the question he asked, we can find it out and answer him.

5.      Reading a lot of storybooks also helps them to be creative and innovative.  These stories will develop their imagination skill.  Parents should create a liking to read more books.

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