Essay/Few Lines on An Elephant

Essay/Few Lines  on An Elephant

An Elephant is a big and strong animal.
It has one big trunk, two fans like big ears, a short tail, and two tusks.
It eats plants, leaves, fruits like bananas, sugarcane, etc.
They are found mostly in India and Africa.
Elephants are found in the jungle/zoo.
They like to play in the water.
They are used in circuses to attract kids.
After proper training, elephants obey the words of their master.
Hence they are used for labor work by human beings.
Elephants are found in some Hindu temples also and they are trained in such a way to serve the purpose of devotional needs.

Key Points to write an essay on your own: Tell the name of the animal – how it looks – eating habits – where it is found – special features.

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