Essay/ Few Lines on Television

Essay/ Few Lines on Television


  • Television is one of the electronic devices which people use for a long time.  
  • Each and every house has a Television.  It is a mass communication device.

Source of Information/ Entertainment

  • Television is a source of entertainment.  Various channels telecast a variety of shows.
  • After returning from school, children see television as a part of their entertainment.  There are many cartoon channels available for children.
  • Many news channels are available to show the news every minute to the public.  They reach people immediately.
  • Television programs are a part of entertainment, information and advertisement.  Each program and show has separate timing for telecast.

Internet in Television

  • Nowadays, with the internet being popular, technology has given us the way to connect internet to Television also.  We can watch YouTube and many other programs like movies via television at any time.
  • Informational videos on YouTube like learning a new language, learning science concepts, and craft videos are helpful to Children.
  • People who like Series, Serials and fun shows, can have real entertainment as they are available on all days.
  • We can watch all sports matches, tournaments, and live telecasts sitting at home.

Uses of Television

  • Apart from increasing our knowledge, watching television has become our relaxation activity also.
  • Seeing our favorite programs, we enjoy it, our mind also relaxes.
  • It is good that we develop our knowledge also, from some inspiring educational programs.
  • During Corona Pandemic times, when people were not able to go out, television played a vital role to engage people.
  • The only enjoyable activity for children during that time was television.
  • So, we get lots of benefits from television.
  • Now, we also face some problems because of this television.
  • It is hard to limit the time spent on television as it inspires us to see more and more.
  • This creates a lot of issues like eye problems due to long time watching.
  • Then, children wish to see their favorite cartoons and they don’t like it to stop which leads to lack of concentration in studies.
  • Apart from this, children are not willing to go outside to play.  They like to watch Television during their free time which leads to physical fitness problems like obesity.


  • Though there may be problems in watching Television, it is really useful for each one of us.  Watching Television has become a part of our day to day activities.