Essay on A friend in need is a friend indeed

Essay on A friend in need is a friend indeed


Friendship is a very valuable relationship.  Some people have more friends, some have fewer friends and some people don’t have friends at all.  This depends from person to person.  But, just as the parents and teachers play an important role in our life, so are our friends too.  Having friends is really fun and happy.

Bonding in friendship:

Sometimes we are too close with our friends and this closeness lasts with us for a long time.  There are lifelong friends who have an influence on our personalities. Some people do not believe in friendship as they are reserved.  They do not have friends at all.  This really indicates the lack of sociability and it is not desirable.

Importance of a friend:

Sometimes parents or teachers may not be able to enforce a point on their child and a friend may come in to help them.  A friend explains the pros and cons of any particular matter and helps him to make a decision.  He also thinks from his friend’s point of view and talks to him.  This helps a person to think that a friend is really important.

Shaping of character:

There is an important saying “Tell me who is your friend and I shall tell you what kind of person you are.”

Yes, a friend has much to do with the shaping of our character as our parents and teachers.  Everyone should be careful to choose his or her friend.  There are two examples to prove this.  One example is, if the friend with whom we are going to establish a connection is of bad character, slowly but surely we too are affected by him or her. The other example is, we may be soft people with gentle manners.  But our friend may be dominant.  Our friend may take the advantage of our innocence and may trick us.

Impact of friendship:

If our friend is a person with good habits and well mannered, his good character improves us also.  In later days, we will turn out to be well mannered and gentle even if we had some bad qualities.  If our friend is intelligent and knowledgeable, he helps us by teaching, by clearing the doubts, sharing ideas and that is indeed an inestimable friend.  But we have to be careful that bad friendship also has its impact.  It spoils the friend also and diverts in the wrong way.

Helping hands always:

As the saying says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, friends should help each other.

If our friend needs any help, we should be available at the right time.  Same time, if we are in need of any help, our friends should be available at the right time.  This is the essence of real friendship.  That is true friendship.  In times of trouble, friends give ideas and advice which help us a lot to face and overcome it.  In other’s troubles, we should be their helping hands.


Though there may be a lot of relationships surrounding us, friendship is a very important one.  Friends are really our backbone.  The time we spend with our friends is really happy times and more memorable ones.  Friends help each other and especially at times of need.  The essence of friendship must be properly understood and it can last lifelong too.  Thus, a friend in need is really a friend indeed.