Essay on Children’s Day for Class3, Class4, Class5 Children

Essay on Children’s Day for Class3, Class4, Class5 Children

The 14th of November every year is celebrated as Children’s Day.  It is the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of free India.  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had a great love for children. The children also loved and respected him.  That is to say, he wanted to be among the children, talk with them and play with them.  The children fondly called him Chacha Nehru, Chacha meaning Uncle.  People pay tributes to Pandit Nehru for his sacrifices and achievements. 

In schools, Children and teachers organize cultural programs for children’s day celebrations.  The children sing national songs, perform stage dances, organize stage dramas, arrange fancy dress competitions, etc.  In most schools, the children can come in color dresses on this day to enjoy the function.  Further, Chief Guests like eminent persons are invited to honor the function.  The Chief Guest delivers speeches about the importance and the duties of children in today’s world.  Moreover, they advise the children about patriotism and to follow the steps of Pandit Nehru.

The teachers also tell about the bravery and sacrifice of the great Indian leaders.  Eminent Chief Guest tells the children about their responsibility to study well, get good names to parents, a good name to the school, helping others, duty as a citizen, etc. by the teachers and the eminent persons invited for the function.  To sum up, thus the day is full of happiness realizing the responsibility as children.

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