Essay on Friendship

Essay on Friendship

A friend is an important person in everyone’s life.  Some people have more friends, some have fewer friends and some people don’t have friends at all.  This depends from person to person.  But, just as the parents and teachers play an important role in our life, so are our friends too.  Having friends is really fun and happy.  Friendship is a very valuable relationship.  It has its influence on our character and our personalities. 

A true friend is always a helping person.  There is an important saying “Tell me who is your friend and I shall tell you what kind of person you are.”  Friendship plays a main role in shaping one’s character.  If our friend is a soft person with gentle manners, we also follow the same path.  But if he is of bad character, slowly we start to follow their route.  Hence it is necessary to choose good friends.  A good friend is a person who helps us at the right time without any hesitation or delay.  He does not expect anything in return.  This is the true essence of real friendship.  He guides us with his ideas, advice and helps us to face problems or obstacles. 

Good friends make our life rich and meaningful.  Friends are not for a particular time or for a particular purpose.  Friends should always be fair whatever may be the situation.  They should be friends even at times of worst situations.  Life has both good and bad times.  A true friend is always with us at all times.  He appreciates us when we do good and at the same time, points out mistakes when we do any mistakes.  That is real friendship.  People with such friends are really lucky.  That bonding lasts long.

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