Essay on Health is Wealth

Essay on Health is Wealth


Importance of food       

Importance of exercise

Keeping body fit



“Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick” is a famous saying.

Good health is nothing but free from all types of diseases and being fit.  If one has good health, he lives long. He can enjoy life. If he is not healthy, he cannot live long, cannot enjoy life, and suffers from diseases.  Hence health is said to be wealth. Let us see this in detail.

Importance of food:

Food plays an important role in maintaining one’s good health.  In order to gain good health, we have to eat digestible and healthy foods like

1. green leafy vegetables

2. pulses and cereals

3. Fruits, etc.

We should prefer healthy foods more than tasty foods.  If we are cautious and have more control over our foods, then we can be free from diseases.

Importance of exercise:

Exercise also plays an important role in maintaining good health.  If we do exercise regularly our body muscles get strong, nerves get strong, blood gets purified, and generates more energy. 

Exercise can be in the form of

1. walking,

2. jogging,

3. swimming,

4. Playing sports, etc.

Keeping body fit:

“Health is not valued till sickness comes”

We should always keep our bodies clean and fit.  To keep ourselves fit, we should

1. Breathe the fresh air,

2. expose ourselves to sunlight,

3. drink more water,

4. eat healthy foods, and

5. Do exercise regularly. 

If we follow the above, we need not carry medicine bags everywhere we go but can enjoy life and do whatever we wish like eating, playing, etc without any restrictions.


From all the above factors, we can finalize that health is really wealth. Health without wealth is better than wealth without health.  If one loses his health, it is really hard to regain it back.  If he loses, he has to be more cautious about his food and can do only restricted things. But if one has health without wealth, he need not worry about what to eat, what not to eat, he can play, eat tasty and delicious foods and do whatever he likes.

Key Points to write an essay on your own: Tell what is health – why it is important – how to get good health – food – what are the foods we have to take – how much to take – exercise – what, when and how to do – keeping the body fit – how to maintain.