Essay on Krishna Jayanthi/ Janmashtami

Essay on Krishna Jayanthi/ Janmashtami


Celebrations form an integral part of Indian Culture.  There are many festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Holi, Vinayagar chathurthi, Ramzan, Christmas, and so on.  All the festivals show the rich cultural heritage of India.  There are different reasons behind every festival and there is a way to celebrate these festivals by tradition.

Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna.  Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.  It is believed that whenever the evil increases on earth, Lord Vishnu comes to the earth to end the evil and save the people.  Hence, Lord Vishnu came as Krishna to kill Kansa, the evil and rescue the people.  This day is called Krishna Jayanthi.  We also call it Janmashtami, Gokulashtami,  Krishna Janmashtami.

Celebrations at temples

People visit temples on this day and get the blessing of Lord Krishna.  In Hindu temples, a lot of programmes like singing Krishna songs, children dancing to Krishna songs, plays or dramas narrating the life of Krishna are arranged.  This imparts knowledge to the young children about the life of Krishna.  Through these programmes, moral values are educated to the children. 

Celebration at home

People get ready a week before to celebrate the festival with full fun and joy.  They clean their houses the day before.  On Janmashtami, people who have the statue of Krishna at home, bathe Krishna with milk and honey called as Abhishekam.  Then, they dress him up in a grand manner following the tradition.  In the evening, they decorate the houses with Kollam, flower hangings, etc.  Then they offer naivedyam to God and offer their prayers to him.

Celebration for kids

Kids in the houses wear dresses like Krishna in dhoti and wear jewels, crown with peacock feather.  They greet the other family members and friends. They go to each other’s friend’s house to enjoy themselves.  The footsteps of Krishna are done from the entrance of the house up till the Krishna Statue inside the house with rice flour paste using the side of the hand.  This shows that Krishna is entering our house and he accepts our celebration.  If the kids are small, then they are asked to walk after dipping their legs in this paste.

Feast arranged

Feast is also arranged by preparing Seedai, Murukku, Sweet Aval, Thattai and so on and it is offered to God.  Then after the prayer, it is distributed with neighbour family and friends.

Various programmes

Many games and dance programmes are arranged for the kids to understand the festival with fun and entertainment.  Some of them are like breaking the mud pot hanging on top, fancy dress competitions like Krishna.  These are conducted in schools, in associations, in clubs, apartments and so on.  This increases the joy of the festival.


Thus, people celebrate the festival with great devotion throughout the country.

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