Essay on My Family (Joint Family)

Essay on My Family (Joint Family)

I am Rani.  I live in Salem.  In my family, I have my father, my mother, my younger brother, my grandfather, and my grandmother.  My father’s name is Deepak.  He is an Engineer.  My mother’s name is Meera.  She is a Homemaker.  My brother’s name is Balu.  My father plays a lot of games with me and my brother and takes us out on holidays.  My mother cooks delicious foods for us and teaches me to study.  My Grandfather tells us a lot of stories.  My Grandmother sings songs for us and teaches me to sing songs.  I love my family. 

Key Points to write an essay on your own:  Tell your name – place – persons in your family – about your father – his name and job – about your mother – name and what she does – sibling name if there – grandparents role- love the family.

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