Essay on My Father

Essay on My Father
  • My father’s name is Mr. Ram.
  • He is working in a Bank.
  • In the morning, he goes to Bank at 9 am and returns back at 7 pm.
  • He is a hardworking person.
  • To say, he loves me very much.
  • He helps me to do my homework, sometimes he teaches me difficult lessons.
  • When he returns from his office, he plays with me.
  • What I like is that, he takes me out on holidays.
  • He buys toys as gifts for me on my birthdays.
  • Though he is busy, he reads a lot of storybooks and buys me fairy tale storybooks which I like the most.
  • He always expects me to make my room tidy.
  • Infact, he is strict and teaches me if I behave badly.
  • I am proud of my father. I love him very much.

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