Essay on My Hobby – Swimming

Essay on My Hobby – Swimming

Activities which we like to do during our free time are called hobbies.
Each person has each type of hobby. Whenever we do our hobby activity, we feel relaxed and fun-filled. My hobby is Swimming.

There is a swimming pool in a Club near my house. My father is a member of that pool. He goes there to swim during weekends. So I also learned swimming during my summer holidays. In the beginning, I was a bit afraid to learn swimming but I love to play in the water. This made me listen to the Swimming Master and learn swimming rules. He taught me the leg and hand strokes and breath control. I did regular practice. Then I got the strokes and I have mastered breath control easily.

By learning these swimming techniques, Swimming became my favorite hobby. During the summer holidays, I will go there daily. I am fond of swimming. So, I used to compete with my friends there. Then, I also swim with elders. This gave me self-confidence. This is said to be the best exercise for the body and lungs mainly. So I continued to do so during my holidays every day. It gives me energy, relaxation, and a free mind.

Key Points to write an essay on your own: Meaning of hobbies – tell about your hobby – swimming – pool where you swim – when you swim – where you swim – how you swim – how you learnt to swim – holiday fun – about master who taught you – how much you like it – about others who swim with you – why it is favorite.

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