Essay on My Mother

Essay on My Mother

About My Mother

My mother’s name is Seetha.  She is a teacher.  My mother teaches Maths for third and fourth standard students in St. John’s school. She is very loving and kind.  My mother is very beautiful. She has many friends.  She prepares delicious food for me.  My mother takes care of each one of us at home. She teaches very patiently.  She rarely gets angry especially if I do anything wrong.

Her Talents

My mother teaches well.  All her students like her.  She is good at drawing and coloring scenery pictures.  Her hobbies are drawing, coloring, listening to songs, reading books, etc.  She reads lots of books.

My Favorite Person

My mother is my favorite person.  I like her very much.  Firstly, she is always kind to me.  Secondly, she teaches me good manners.  Next, she helps me with my studies. Moreover, she plays with me during her free time.  We enjoy all weekends playing chess, tennis, etc.  She reads storybooks for me at bedtime.  We have a good collection of storybooks.  I will share all my thoughts with my mother.  She is a very friendly person. I love my mother very much.

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