Essay on My Visit to the Library

Essay on My Visit to the Library


Library is a place of books.  I like to read books.  It is one of my hobbies.  Books are my companion too.  Last Sunday, my mother and I went to the nearby Branch Library.  

About Library

  • It was a small library but it had millions of books in it.
  • There were many racks and in each rack there were rows of books.
  • It had been segregated according to subjects.
  • Story books on one side, science related books on one side, Autobiography books on one side, General knowledge books on one side, like that, the books were arranged in each rack.
  • There were posters of “Maintain Silence” hanging on the walls.  So the library was very silent for the readers to enjoy their reading.

Library Member

  • My mother and I are members of the library.  She has a membership number with which both of us can take books to read at home.  I went in search of Story books which I like the most.
  • Then, I found the book “Bedtime stories for Kids” book.  I wanted to read that book.  My mother took some general knowledge books.
  • Both of us gave the books to the Librarian.
  • He made an entry in his record note writing our membership number, name of the books and the date on which we took the book.
  • He also mentioned the date of return within which we have to return the book.  Generally, the library allows us to read the book and return it within 15 days.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin

Newspaper and Magazines

  • Other than that, newspapers and magazines were there on the table.
  • Monthly and weekly magazines of various kinds like health, cooking, politics, women, kids, competition were available.
  • My mother read the newspaper and I read a puzzle page of a magazine.
  • Then, both of us left the library with our books.


I felt that I have spent my time useful in the company of books.  Going to the library and watching the variety of books available gave me a sense of happiness.  I like visiting the library on alternate Saturdays when my school is on leave.

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