Essay on National Bird Peacock

Essay on National Bird Peacock


India has many kinds of birds.  The most beautiful among them is Peacock.  Peacock is our National Bird.  Every country has national symbols which include the national flag, national animal, and national bird.

The beauty of Peacock:

Peacock is usually blue-green in color.  The male peacock has long feathers while the female does not.  They expand their long feathers like a fan.  This is really an eye-catching beautiful sight.  They have eye-like patterns in their feathers.  They are most likely to do this especially when it is going to rain.

Importance of Peacock:

As said earlier, it is our National Bird.  It is said to be Lord Muruga’s vehicle.  Generally, the peacock’s live in forest areas.  It can be seen in Murugan temples also.  They are kept in all bird sanctuaries to show them to kids and to understand the importance.

Features of Peacock:

Peacock’s feathers are used to make decorative items like a hand fan.  Sometimes hunters hunt them for peacock feathers.  Peacock eats seeds and insects.  They give a loud cry which can be heard from a long distance.  But that sound is not soothing.  Peacock’s walk is smooth.  Peacock’s dance is beautiful.


They are mostly hunted for their feathers.  Hence we should preserve these birds.  We should take proper care to protect them.

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