Essay on National Flower of India-Lotus

Essay on National Flower of India-Lotus
  • Lotus is the National Flower of India.
  • It is a sacred symbol of purity.
  • Lotus are in shades of pink and pure white.
  • It grows in ponds, lakes and in tanks also.
  • People admire the beauty of the flower.
  • The garlands are made from white and pink lotus flowers.
  • The flowers are used for decoration purposes also.
  • Lotus has large, flat leaves that float on the surface of lakes and ponds.
  • All parts of the lotus plant have nutritional and medicinal value.
  • Leaves and stems of the plant are prepared as vegetables.
  • Lotus seeds roasted are used as coffee substitute.
  • Lotus is also called Sacred Lotus, Sacred Water Lily, Water Lily, Indian Lotus, etc.
  • It has cultural and religious importance for Hindus.
  • Lotus is offered during worship of Goddess Lakshmi as a symbol of wealth in temples.
  • The lotus habitat is getting disturbed by pollution nowadays.
  • So, it is our duty to control the pollution and save the habitat.
  • We should preserve and develop the growth of the lotus flower.

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