Essay on Reading Books

Essay on Reading Books

         Reading books is a good habit.  It is really an enjoyable time.  Some people have this habit of reading books as their favorite hobby.  Books are our dearest friends.  Books are available in various subjects, languages, etc.  Apart from study books, people choose books to read based on their interests.  Some like to read subject books and some like to read storybooks.  Reading books helps us to improve our language and also provides deep knowledge.  We will not feel bored while reading storybooks.  So it is a good leisure time activity also. 

Children can read storybooks during the summer holidays as they do not have time during school times.  This helps them to spend the summer holidays in a useful and educative one.  We get lots of books to read from the library.  A library is a place of books for people to read.  We should develop this reading habit at a very young age.  This helps us to develop our imagination skills.  Reading habit does not come by compulsion, we have to inculcate the habit by reading favorite subject books, storybooks, picture books, some colorful books, and so on.  We get lots of benefits from reading books.

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