Short Essay on The Park

Short Essay on The Park

The Park is a vast and beautiful place. It is a place for both kids and adults to go during their leisure time and relax.  They enjoy the time spending there.  The Park generally has trees, plants, flowers, a play area, exercise area, yoga hall, etc…  

Children Play Area includes Slide, See-saw, Swing, and merry go round and other play activities.  Slide playing gives the children a wonderful feel.  Swing makes us feel as though they are flying in the air.  The children play hide and seek, kick the ball and they run fast to catch it with the new friends here.   The Park has flowering plants, bushes, and trees also.  It is a rule that we should not pluck the flowers.  The beauty of the flowers has to be seen and admired by all.  The gardeners maintain these plants and trees, water them daily and clean the dried leaves and make the area beautiful.    Some parks have an exercise area called Gym for adults to do exercises.  Some have separate Yoga Open Hall for people to do yoga.  Most parks have a special walking track for the people who like to do a long walk without any interruptions.  Some parks have a small pond with fishes in it. 

The Park gives people fresh air to breathe, facilities to do exercises and finally take rest in Benches.  They can sit, see, and enjoy the children playing sitting on the benches.  This gives them peace of mind and relaxation.  Thus Park is a really good place for both kids and adults to enjoy, play, exercise, and relax.

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