Essay/ Few Lines on Tiger

Essay/ Few Lines on Tiger

Tiger is a wild animal. It is the National animal of India. Tiger belongs to the cat family.
It is brown in color with black stripes. Tiger lives in the forest. It has a big and strong body and it has a long tail.
Tiger is a carnivore animal. It hunts and eats other animals. Tiger eats deer, fish, bear, buffalo, etc…
It can run fast and climb trees. As such, it jumps at a very long distance to catch its prey.
Mostly, Tigers are found in India, China, Korea, and Russia.
Some tigers are white, orange in color with black stripes also.
Likewise, each tiger has a different pattern of stripes on its body.
Young one of the tiger is called a cub.

Key Points to write an essay on your own: Tell the name of the animal, how it appears, National animal – carnivore animal – special features – a young one.

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