Essay on Vinayagar Chathurthi/Ganesh Chathurthi

Essay on Vinayagar Chathurthi/Ganesh Chathurthi


The birth of Ganesh is celebrated as Vinayagar Chathurthi all over the world.  It is one of the traditional Hindu Festivals. 

To say, We worship Lord Ganesha on this day.  The celebration of Vinayagar Chathurthi would begin a week before itself. There will be full sound Kacheri songs in Pillaiyar temples and in the nearby streets of temples.

Arrangements to begin

People celebrate this festival with lots of fun and devotion.  Firstly, the houses in the whole street look divine. Mainly, they are decorated with mango leaves and flowers hanging at the entrance.  Next, different colourful Kollam will welcome the guests.  To tell, the aroma of kozhukattai is spread all over the house, getting ready to be offered to Lord Ganesha.

Vinayagar Chaturthi Celebration Day

People worship Lord Ganesha in the form of a Clay idol.  They either make it on their own or buy from the shops.  Accordingly, size of the idol depends on their wishes.  They offer flowers to him.  Next, they decorate him with turmeric and kumkum.  Then, they offer Arugampul Malai, Yirukam poo Malai.  Later, they worship with Kozhukattai offered to God. They pray for their prosperity and good fortune.  After this worship, they distribute kozhukattai to family members, neighbours and friends. Indeed, Kozhukattai is extremely delicious, healthy and tempting to eat.

Immersing Day – End of celebration

Moreover, On the third day, they offer the clay idols with care to the river or sea, praying to Lord Ganesha to be back in the next Vinayagar Chathurthi.

Main Deity

Lord Vinayagar is the main deity.  We worship Lord Ganesha before we start any work.  Either cow dung or paste of ginger like turmeric spice is shaped into a cone to represent Ganesha at the very beginning of any sacred action.  People invoke Lord Ganesha before any Hindu deity is worshipped.  He had an elephant’s head and he went around on a magical mouse collecting rice, sweets and other gifts as other kids do.  Ganesha loved to eat sweets, especially laddoos. 

In Maharashtra

Especially, Vinayagar Chathurthi is celebrated in a very grand manner in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  Many large clay statues of the elephant headed God Ganesha are immersed in the sea after three days of Vinayagar Chathurthi.  In Maharashtra, half the population turn up on Beach to send off the deity.

Remover of Obstacles

Vinayagar is thus known as a remover of obstacles.  Henceforth, His devotees believe that their work will succeed if they invoke his blessings in the beginning. Above all, this is why his picture is printed often in wedding cards, stuck on doors of houses.


Let us celebrate this Vinayagar Chathurthi with full devotion, fun and joy.  Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi!!!!

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