Fancy Dress Speech as a Firefighter

Fancy Dress Speech as a Firefighter
  • Hello everyone.
  • My name is Sathwik.
  • I am a firefighter.
  • Yes, I fight with fire to rescue people.
  • My dress is red color uniform clothing with a coat and pants called Bunker Gear and a cap.
  • Bunker Gear is bulky clothing made of several layers to guard against heat and flames.
  • My work is to protect people during emergency times.
  • I respond at top speed to these emergency calls.
  • There, I will extinguish fires.
  • Then, I execute rescue operations also.
  • This prevents fire damage.
  • I work with my friends as a team.
  • My vehicle is the Fire Engine that pumps water to fire.
  • I am always ready to face different kinds of challenges like floods and storms and rescue people.
  • We work regardless of weather conditions like the sun or rain.
  • My team is always ready to help available at all times of the day.
  • While entering a smoke-filled building, I wear breathing apparatus to perform a rescue.
  • This helps me to perform my task without any hindrance.
  • I am always proud to say that I am a firefighter.
  • I love this job and I am ready to help people at all times.
  • Thank you.