Fancy Dress Speech as a Postman

Fancy Dress Speech as a Postman

Good morning Principal, teachers, and my dear friends.

  • I am a Postman.
  • My work is in the Post office.
  • I am a Public Servant.
  • My dress is Khaki in color.
  • Next, I have a cycle to go from one place to another.
  • I always carry a leather bag on my shoulders.
  • My work is to deliver letters, parcels and money orders to the people.
  • I also deliver invitations for weddings even if it is in the same town.
  • First, I go to the Main Post Office and get my area posts.
  • Then, I sort it out and stamp it.
  • Next, I arrange my bag in an orderly manner, so that letters of my area are arranged together.
  • This helps me to easily deliver door to door.
  • Every postman has a definite number of houses to deliver mail.
  • Sometimes I carry money orders also and give the money to the respective people.
  • My work time is from morning till evening.
  • I do not consider the weather, I work on rain and on the hot sun also.
  • I work sincerely and I lead a happier life.
  • Many fast ways of sending letters and parcels have come to serve people.
  • But Post office and Postman always play a vital role in all places especially in serving the village people.
  • I am proud to say that I am a Postman.
  • Let me deliver a post to you.  Here please have it.
  • Thank you, everyone. 


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