Fancy Dress Speech as a Teacher

Fancy Dress Speech as a Teacher
  • Good morning teachers and my dear friends.
  • My name is Rita.  I am a Teacher.
  • My duty is to teach children like you.
  • Mainly, I teach Mathematics to my children. 
  • Also, I teach moral values like honesty, discipline, punctuality to them.
  • I take my classes in an interesting manner by telling a lot of stories.
  • I am friendly to my students. 
  • I am not strict.
  • If my students do not understand, I will teach them again and again.
  • I like my students very much and my students like me too.
  • I am of great motivation for my children to grow higher and higher.
  • I always try to be a role model for my children.
  • It is a habit for me to tell about the great leaders of India and their life history.
  • This helps them to learn from their life stories.
  • In general, I motivate them and inspire them.
  • Thank you.