Fancy Dress Speech as Traffic Policeman

Fancy Dress Speech as Traffic Policeman
  • Good Morning Teacher and my dear friends.
  • I am a Traffic Police officer.
  • I wear a White shirt and Khaki pants.
  • I have a red and green colored stick in my hand.
  • This helps me to show the red color to stop the vehicle.
  • The green color in the stick helps me to ask the vehicle to go.
  • I wear the Traffic Police cap always.
  • I am in charge of regulating the traffic in the city.
  • My duty is to see that all the people follow the traffic rules.
  • The traffic signal lights are to be followed strictly.
  • I punish the people who break the traffic rules.
  • If any vehicle does not stop when the signal is red, I charge a fine to them.
  • I take care that no accidents occur.
  • I work during day and night time.
  • I work more tireless during festival times so that people can travel fast.
  • I clear the crowd at important places and leave the way for vehicles to travel.
  • I am proud to be a Traffic Police officer.
  • Jai Hind.