Fancy Dress Speech as Amla-Indian Gooseberry

Fancy Dress Speech as Amla-Indian Gooseberry
  • Good Morning Everyone!
  • I am a fruit….Indian Gooseberries.
  • People call me SuperFruit also.
  • I am green and round.
  • Looks small but gives benefits more.
  • Some people like to eat me.
  • Some say I am sour.
  • Yes, I am sour.
  • But, have me more.
  • I am the Super Fruit Amla.
  • Available in plenty,
  • But people sometimes have me as a duty.
  • Please like and eat,
  • Then you enjoy the treat.
  • I am full of antioxidants,
  • Good for your eyes, heart and brain.
  • You get full immunity for your body.
  • Are you ready to fight?
  • Yes, I always fight with infections,
  • And protect your body and 
  • Keep you safe and strong.
  • Eat me with a big bong.
  • Though I taste sour, 
  • Don’t see me bore.
  • Cut, cook and eat me in your dish.
  • Or squeeze and drink my juice.
  • Dip me in honey,
  • And have me sweet for your tummy.
  • Do it as you wish.
  • But don’t refuse.
  • Keep your body healthy and fit
  • I make you feel energetic
  • Thank you.

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