Fancy Dress Speech as Astronaut

Fancy Dress Speech as Astronaut
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Every one of us would like to go to the moon.
  • Are you one of them?
  • Do you want to come to the moon?
  • Then, come with me.
  • Yes, I am an Astronaut.     
  • We will explore space and learn new things.
  • Let us go on exciting space missions.
  • We will set foot on Mars.
  • Then, let us go deeper into our solar system.
  • Being busy is my routine always.
  • I always wonder about my spacewalk.
  • Really amazed and dreaming about it !!!
  • All of you put on your spacesuit….Prepare yourself!
  • Don’t fear as you may feel like falling, stay aware and stay calm as the rocket goes.
  • Follow this, then you will enjoy it.
  • The rocket is getting ready.
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast off!!!!
  • I spend most of my time studying about space.
  • My friends and I do experiments in space.
  • We always want to find something new.
  • My friends are also astronauts and scientists.
  • We would like to learn from each other.
  • Another important thing is we also help each other.
  • Happy that you are part of this remarkable journey.
  • Thank you.

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