Fancy Dress Speech as Automobile Mechanic

Fancy Dress Speech as Automobile Mechanic
  • Hi Everyone!!!
  • This is my Visiting Card.
  • Have my phone number always.
  • I will help you in times of tough situations.
  • What tough situation?
  • Sometimes, your bike may have a starting problem.
  • Rarely, you may get some engine problem in your car.
  • At times, Call me.
  • I will be there in a few minutes.
  • Your problem will be solved shortly.
  • You can drive smoothly.
  • Now guess me.
  • Yes, I am an Automobile Mechanic.
  • My dress is brown.
  • I usually work in Mechanic shops.
  • Repairing the vehicles is my core job.
  • Identifying the problems in vehicles,
  • Rectifying them,
  • Doing maintenance work on vehicles often,
  • Fixing the problems.
  • I know the science of how machines work.
  • I love this job.  Just enjoy doing it.
  • My hands and my knowledge are my pillars.
  • I do all sorts of mechanical work with my hand.
  • Sometimes I work inside the shop, sometimes outside.
  • At times, there are some safety risks.
  • Yet, I manage and go.
  • My dresses get dirty daily.
  • At times, oily too.
  • But, I don’t care about this.
  • My work is really responsible.
  • Customer believes in me.
  • So, I work with full dedication.
  • I want only my customer satisfaction.
  • Work sometimes gets stressful.
  • I manage with staff, they are really helpful.
  • Remember to call me for your vehicle service.
  • Thank you.

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