Fancy Dress Speech as Camel

Fancy Dress Speech as Camel
  • Good morning to honorable teachers and my dear friends.
  • I am a long legged humped animal. Can you guess me?
  • Yes, it’s me………..Camel.
  • I am also said to be a Desert animal.
  • My place is very very hot and dry.  You cannot manage to live in my area.
  • But I can manage.  Do you know how?
  • I have many special features to manage my climate.
  • Let me tell you now.
  • I have thick bushy eyebrows which don’t let the sand enter my eyes in sandstorm times.
  • My lips are thick and I can close my nostrils to prevent sand entering.
  • I have humps to store food and water.
  • My foot has a cushion pad and this helps to be stable by spreading my weight in sand.
  • I have thick hair on my body which protects me from the heat of the day.
  • My long neck helps me to reach high leaves and eat with my tongue and teeth.
  • I help as a means of transport for transporting goods and people.
  • If you want to see me often, then you can come to the desert to see me.
  • Hope you are amazed at my features.
  • Bye and thank you.

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