Fancy Dress Speech as Cauliflower

Fancy Dress Speech as Cauliflower
  • Good Morning Everyone!
  • I am a Vegetable.
  • The Most Wanted Vegetable for Kids.
  • See me, I am tightly bunched florets together.
  • White in color.
  • My leaves are usually green.
  • White version of my cousin Broccoli.
  • Yes, it’s me….Cauliflower….Cauliflower.
  • People eat my white flower head part.
  • You can make sabji and enjoy it.
  • Make some poriyal or masala and have your meal.
  • Oh…I have to mention the favorite for kids.
  • Make me Gobi 65, then Kids will circle you.
  • Just add masalas, fry me in oil.
  • I get enriched in taste.
  • Finally, I am Gobi 65.
  • Just in a minute…
  • I will be in Kid’s stomach.
  • They love me so much.
  • I know, I know with a big punch.
  • For you, for you….grown ups…
  • Include me in your vegetable salad or soup
  • Make it a super tasty and give everyone a scoop
  • Eat me and increase your immune system.
  • Be ready to fight against infections.
  • I am rich in antioxidants.
  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and fiber too.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • See the strength you get.
  • But, I want to tell you one thing.
  • One secret….it’s a secret.
  • Don’t always eat me.
  • Your tummy might get into trouble.
  • Eat me rare…
  • And enjoy me, I swear…
  • Thank you.

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