Fancy Dress Speech as Chef

Fancy Dress Speech as Chef
  • Hello everyone!
  • Welcome to have delicious food!!
  • Yes, you’re right.  I am the Chef.
  • This is my white hat and I am wearing a white coat.
  • I make and serve mouth-watering dishes.
  • Enjoy and feel the taste.
  • What can I serve you, Sir?
  • If you taste my dish once, you will ask for more and more Sir.
  • Today, I have hot and tasty Cheese Pizzas, Crunchy French Fries, and stuffed Burgers.
  • Also, Vegetable Salads, Fruit Salads, Veg-Fruit Mix….
  • Choose your food and book your order, Sir.
  • Ok Sir, Five minutes please, it will be ready Sir.
  • Here you have, Sir!! Your order is ready please.
  • Is it delicious sir?
  • Shall I give you more Cheese on Burger?
  • Do I have to put sauce on French Fries Sir?
  • Can I put some more pepper and salt on Salad Sir?
  • Call me please if you need anything.  I am waiting.
  • Thank you Sir, for coming here.
  • Hope our food has inspired you. 
  • Visit us again Sir, We wish to serve you.
  • Good bye Sir.

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