Fancy Dress Speech as Cucumber

Fancy Dress Speech as Cucumber
  • Good morning Everyone!
  • I am your favorite vegetable during the summer season.
  • People search for me in hot times.
  • I am tall….as tall as your finger.
  • Sometimes I am fat, sometimes I am lean.
  • I am green in color.
  • Yes, it’s me, Cucumber.
  • My friends and I come during summer.
  • People buy us daily during the months of April and May.
  • Most of all, I am a stomach filling snack, available easily.
  • Available in all markets, Cheaper at rate too.
  • Just buy me, wash and eat me.
  • I fill your stomach.
  • Your feeling of hunger goes off.
  • Most importantly, I give you immense energy.
  • In hot times, I keep you hydrated.
  • Sometimes, I quench your thirst.
  • There are a lot of Vitamins and Minerals in me.
  • Have me and be Strong.
  • Filled with fiber too.
  • So, I can help in your digestion easily.
  • Develop your immunity.
  • Be ready to fight against any infections.
  • Have a cucumber
  • Get the super power
  • Sometimes, I am in your snack box as slices.
  • At most times, I become raita and add me with curd.
  • People call me a Salad Vegetable.
  • You can see me in all vegetable Salads.
  • Eat and See me, you can feel the difference.
  • Easy to bite and crunch.
  • Fills your stomach as a lunch.
  • I am your finger snack.
  • Just have me to get your strength back.
  • Fresh Cucumbers Fresh Cucumbers
  • Come and have me
  • You get smarter
  • And you get stronger.
  • Boost your immunity
  • Be Energetic in all your activities.
  • See you next summer.
  • Thank you.

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