Fancy Dress Speech as Dentist

Fancy Dress Speech as Dentist
  • Good morning everyone!
  • Do you have tooth pain? Yes, I am here.
  • I am a Dentist.
  • My dress is white coat.
  • I have a clinic with all equipment to take care of teeth.
  • There is a long chair with an adjustable back.
  • It moves up and down.
  • I put on my gloves and masks.
  • Then I examine your teeth.
  • I help people to care for their teeth.
  • It helps to stop the germs spreading.
  • If there is any germ, I clean the teeth.
  • Then, I scrape off dirt with special tools.
  • This cleaning helps to keep teeth healthy.
  • Regular cleaning is required for your teeth.
  • Eat less junk foods, eat more healthy foods.
  • Take care of your teeth.
  • If you have any problems, come to me.
  • Thank you.

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