Fancy Dress Speech as Dragonfly

Fancy Dress Speech as Dragonfly
  • Hello everyone!!!
  • I am an aquatic insect.  I can fly and fly.
  • Surprisingly, I can fly very fast.
  • Don’t fear. I won’t harm you.
  • Can you guess me?
  • Yes, I am the Dragonfly.
  • You can see me everywhere in the world.
  • I am long and thin.  My color is red or blue or green.
  • There are some stripes like black markings on me.
  • Kids like you, try to catch me.  I will fly fast.
  • To say, I have four large transparent wings.  Look at it.
  • It’s very skinny and shiny in the sunlight when I fly.
  • This helps me to fly very fast.
  • I am a harmless insect.  I do not bite or sting. 
  • Instead, I help you people by eating mosquitoes. 
  • First, I have two big compound eyes and two small antennae.  This helps me to sense whatever happens around me.
  • Next, I have good eyesight which helps me to see other flying insects.  So, I hunt them while I fly.
  • Thirdly, I have three pairs of legs and they are covered with spines.  They are used to perch on tree branches instead of for walking.
  • Finally, my mouth with a sharp jaw helps in grabbing and eating other bugs.
  • Amazingly, you know, I have a technique.  When I fly, I hold my legs together, forming a basket in which to capture insects.  I eat the captured insects while I fly.
  • You can see me near streams, ponds, lakes, rivers and even waterfalls. 
  • I can do zigzag, turn and even fly backwards.  I can also fly at a speed of 40 to 60 miles per hour.
  • Birds and frogs try to eat me, if they can catch me.  But, I am very fast.  Usually I escape from them.
  • Come and fly like me.  Enjoy the sky.
  • Learn from me not to harm others.
  • Thank you.

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