Fancy Dress Speech as Electrician

Fancy Dress Speech as Electrician
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Any problem in wires?
  • Are all lights working in your house?  Is there any problem?
  • Don’t worry.
  • I am here to rectify. 
  • Yes!!! I am an Electrician.
  • Is the fan working?
  • I’ll check the main box.  Please give me a stool or a ladder.
  • There are some loose connections, let me tighten it. 
  • For some, I will replace it with new wires.
  • Yes, the wires are alright now.
  • New wires are also changed now.
  • I will test the circuit.
  • Everything works well.
  • I like the house to be bright always.
  • Be blooming always.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.
  • Don’t forget to do this.  This will save your electricity.
  • And your electricity bill will also be low.
  • Any problem in electricity, then Call me, I will rectify your problem.
  • Bye.  Thank you.

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