Fancy Dress Speech as Lemon

Fancy Dress Speech as Lemon
  • Hello Everyone!!!
  • I am a very common fruit.
  • Available in all places.
  • You can see me in your garden too.
  • I grow on trees.
  • My colour in green when raw,
  • Become yellow when I am ripe.
  • I am a Citrus Fruit.
  • Yes, You all know me well.
  • I am a Lemon.
  • My size is small.
  • But my benefits are big.
  • I am round shaped.
  • My taste is a little sour.
  • I am available in all your homes.
  • My tree is a lemon tree and it’s there in many of your houses.
  • My friends and I grow in large numbers.
  • I am full of juicy and watery content.
  • Have me and stay hydrated.
  • When you have me, your digestion power increases.
  • You get a lot of immunity power.
  • Your body functions properly.
  • You get lots of vitamins and fibre too.
  • Your vision power increases.
  • Moms prepare my rice- lemon rice for your lunch box.
  • Some of you like it.
  • Many of you like to drink my juice.
  • Just squeeze me, remove the seeds.
  • Add water and sugar.
  • Yummy yummy juice is ready.
  • I am your favourite drink during summer.
  • Have me and tolerate the heat.
  • Be free from all types of health problems.
  • When you feel dizzy, have me first
  • Then you feel at ease.
  • I am an easy and handy fruit.
  • Available easily at all places,
  • Not too costly,
  • Easy to consume,
  • Boost your immunity,
  • Removes your health problems.
  • Drink me often and 
  • Stay healthy and energetic.
  • I am juicy, have it easy…..
  • Thank you.

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