Fancy Dress Speech as Lion

Fancy Dress Speech as Lion
  • Hello everyone!
  • Can you guess me?
  • See my mane…yes…yes…
  • I am the King of the Jungle.
  • Yes, it’s me!!!!!! The Lion. “Roar”  “Roar” “Roar”.
  • These are my manes.
  • Manes are just my hair around my head.
  • I have yellow with brown mane.
  • My home is my den.
  • My queen is the lioness and I have Cubs too.
  • See my tail is long.
  • Since I am the king of the jungle, kids like me very much.
  • People make lots of movies with me to attract kids like you.
  • My friends do not have the same mane as me. 
  • I have a different one and they have a different one.
  • Each mane is unique.  This is our speciality.
  • Just like each tiger has different Stripes.
  • You can see me at zoos too.
  • I am a predator, I like to kill other animals, humans and eat them.
  • So people say that I am a carnivore animal.
  • I belong to the family of cats.
  • My enemy is a group of hyenas.
  • I am very lucky there are not many enemies for us lions.
  • Learn to be a king like me…..
  • Practise my roar…roar…you will get it!
  • Bye…Thank you…

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