Fancy Dress Speech as Milkman

Fancy Dress Speech as Milkman
  • Good morning teachers and my dear friends.
  • Can you guess me?
  • Yes, I come to your house every day in the early morning.
  • I keep your favorite drink in your house before you wake up.  It is milk.
  • That’s me.  I am the Milkman.
  • I give cow’s milk to each and every house early in the morning.
  • My farmhouse has four cows, I love them all and take care of them.
  • Daily, I bathe them, allow them to graze in the grasslands, then tie them on the farm.
  • I also feed them hay along with some grains and water them.
  • They are my favorite and I consider them as my family member.
  • Every morning, I wake up early and get milk from the cows.
  • Then I distribute the milk to my nearby people by bike.
  • Milk is a favorite drink for kids and a nutritious drink also.
  • Even grownups have their tea or coffee using milk.
  • This is the first drink for all people in the morning.
  • Once we get up and brush our teeth, the next work is to get milk.
  • If I do not come even for one day, the whole morning activities get collapsed. 
  • So, I will always provide the milk in the morning promptly at your doorstep.
  • Whatever may be the season, sun, or rain, I will always be available to give milk.
  • Milk gives calcium and strength to the bones, rich in protein, and fights multiple diseases.
  • Overall, consuming one glass of milk improves one’s immunity.
  • So, get milk from me every day and increase your strength.
  • Thank you all.