Fancy Dress Speech as Nurse

Fancy Dress Speech as Nurse
  • Good morning Sir.
  • Here is your token sir….Token no.20.
  • Doctor will be coming in ten minutes.
  • Please wait here.
  • What’s your problem sir?  I am the Nurse here.
  • Let me check the temperature, pulse and blood pressure.
  • All are normal sir.
  • Doctor has come, please come in sir.
  • He has prescribed an injection sir, let me give it a shot.
  • Here is your prescription.
  • You can get the medicines from the pharmacy outside.
  • Have one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night time.
  • You will be better soon.
  • Thank You sir.
  • My dress is full white in color.
  • I always care for the sick and injured people.
  • I wish the patients to get better and healthy soon.
  • Thank You everyone.

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