Fancy Dress Speech as Peacock

Fancy Dress Speech as Peacock
  • Good Morning All.
  • Are you amazed at my beauty?
  • Yes!!! I am the most beautiful bird.
  • Each and everyone knows me.
  • It’s me …………. The Peacock.
  • I have bright blue heads and necks.
  • There is a crest which is a crown of feathers on my head.
  • See at my back….full of long feathers….
  • When I lift up my feathers, they look like a beautiful fan.
  • My feathers have eye-like patterns on them.
  • All my friends have feathers like this because we are male.
  • But females don’t.  They are called peahens.
  • You can see me in parks and in gardens.
  • I am said to be Lord Murugan’s vehicle. 
  • You can see me in some Murugan temples also.
  • When the climate is a bit cloudy, and it seems to rain, then I would like to dance.
  • Dancing is my favorite one, I would love to do it.
  • But I dance in areas where people are not there.
  • This is because I feel safe there without human hindrance.
  • Otherwise, the humans will hunt me for my feathers.
  • So please, Preserve and protect us.
  • We would like to come out only if there is protection.
  • If you keep on killing us, then after a few years, you cannot see me and my friends.  You can see us only in pictures.
  • Preserve us….Protect us….See us for your lifetime….Let your children also see us….Enjoy the beauty of nature….
  • This world is for all of us.  Let us live happily.

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