Fancy Dress Speech as Potato

Fancy Dress Speech as Potato
  • Good morning Everyone!
  • I am your most favorite vegetable.
  • Yes, Kid’s favorite vegetable.
  • Mostly all kids like me.
  • My color is brown outside, dull white inside.
  • Mostly I am circle shaped, sometimes oval shaped.
  • Yes, it’s me….Potato.
  • Super Potato.
  • I am tasty and crunchy.
  • People call me a Root Vegetable.
  • I grow in the ground.
  • One of the most nutritious vegetables.
  • Best and favourite snack for kids.
  • Peel my skin, cut me into slices.
  • Fry me and get your favourite French fries.
  • Yes, your mouth watering snack…..
  • Boil me and eat with Poori or Chapati.
  • It’s a healthy breakfast and 
  • I am super dinner for you.
  • Put me in the sambar and have me with rice.
  • I am easy to cook.
  • Soft and mashy.
  • Attracts kids and adults.
  • Some people need crunchy snacks.
  • So they peel my skin, cut me to thin slices and 
  • Fry me in oil to make Chips.
  • Hope all kids love my chips.
  • I am a perfect combination for your lunch in the afternoon.
  • Yes, I am most happy when you admire and eat me.
  • I am a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  • This helps to strengthen the bones and muscles.
  • Most importantly, I have Carbohydrates.
  • You can get instant energy from me.
  • Rich in Fibre also.
  • Fibre in me helps to stay healthy.
  • It takes care of digestion.
  • So, it helps in constipation
  • Vitamin C in me helps you to boost immune system
  • Be healthy and active all day.
  • Have me in your food at least one time a day.
  • Enjoy eating me.
  • I enjoy seeing you.
  • Thank You everyone.

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