Fancy Dress Speech as Potter

Fancy Dress Speech as Potter
  • Good morning Everyone.
  • Do you all love to play with clay?
  • Yes, all kids love clay.
  • I always make things in clay.
  • What can you see in my hand?
  • This is the mud pot which I made.
  • Can you all guess me now?
  • Yes, it’s me, the potter.
  • I make mud pots, flower pots, mud vessels, and many things out of baked clay.
  • First, my work is to make the clay ready by mixing the dry sand and water in the correct ratio.
  • Next, I will check the consistency of clay to make pottery.
  • Then, I make the required shapes by pressing the clay with my fingers.
  • Or, I use a pottery wheel to make the vessels or the pots.
  • Finally, I bake or fire the made things at a high temperature to make it hard.
  • Now, it’s ready for sale.  I always maintain the quality.
  • Who wants mud pots? Who wants flowerpots?
  • All the products which I sell are of the correct price.
  • Infact, a cheaper price too.
  • As you all know, it is good to use Clay vessels in our daily life.
  • They are organic.  It is good for our health too.
  • People buy bowls and mugs, Kids buy Kitchen set vessels from me.
  • To say, I love my work.  Creating things with my hand.
  • I don’t use any machinery.
  • My friends and I make Pillaiyar idols on the day of Vinayagar Chaturthi.
  • People all over the world buy it from us and do their worship.
  • We also make Diyas or Vilaku, for offering to God or for celebrating the Diwali festival.
  • Extremely happy to see these traditional celebrations.
  • I understand that my work is really important to society and I will do my best with dedication.
  • Buy clay pots from me and lead a healthy life.
  • Mud pot water is just chill.  Try it this summer.
  • Thank you.

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