Fancy Dress Speech as Pumpkin

Fancy Dress Speech as Pumpkin
  • Hello Everyone!
  • I am a yellow vegetable.
  • See me.
  • Big and round.
  • I have some seeds inside.
  • Yes, it’s me…Pumpkin.
  • Yellow Pumpkin.
  • Just slice, cut, boil and eat me.
  • I am full of beta carotene.
  • This improves your eyesight.
  • I take care of your eyes.
  • You can see the sky and enjoy the stars at night.
  • See nature’s beauty always.
  • Just eat me and take care of your eyes.
  • Put me in the salad.
  • Enjoy the soft nature of me.
  • Are you going to prepare Sambar?
  • I am here….Perfect ingredient of Sambar.
  • Have it for your lunch.
  • Make me a gravy. Eat me with Chapati.
  • Have it for your dinner.
  • If you want to play outside for a long time,
  • Have me and don’t get tired.
  • I have potassium in me.
  • This gives you strength to withstand for a long time.
  • Enjoy every day with me.
  • Have me in your lunch or dinner.  You will be a winner.
  • Thank you.

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