Fancy Dress Speech as Rain

Fancy Dress Speech as Rain
  • Good morning everyone.
  • My name is Rain.
  • The sky gets dark and grey clouds are formed before I come.
  • Then I come down as rain.
  • People feel happy seeing me.
  • Some like to get wet when I fall down, they enjoy themselves.
  • But, some don’t like to get wet, so they carry an umbrella with them.
  • There is a thunderstorm in the sky before I come.
  • So people understand that I am going to come.
  • When I come down, plants and trees are happy to grow well.
  • People will not suffer because of water scarcity.
  • It is good that I am saved in dams.
  • Nothing in this world can survive without me.
  • So, people should not waste me.
  • The peacock dances at the time I come.
  • The farmer is also expecting me to plant seeds.
  • Once I come down, kids are very happy to sail paper boats.
  • So, I am a good friend to people.
  • Thank you.