Fancy Dress Speech as Spinach

Fancy Dress Speech as Spinach
  • Good morning Everyone!
  • Look at me! I am a green leafy vegetable.
  • The most wanted green leafy vegetable.
  • Small small oval shaped leaves,
  • Few leaves are wrinkled, Few leaves are smooth,
  • I am a plant….
  • My leaves are edible.
  • I come in loose, bunches or packed in bags.
  • Yes, it’s me…Spinach.
  • Some Kids like me, Some don’t.
  • But I am always there to give them strength.
  • Those who eat me become strong and healthy,
  • Others, start from now on.
  • Do you think I should eat this Spinach?
  • Learn about me, then you will know.
  • I am rich in Vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Keeps eyes healthy.
  • Your body gets a lot of strength.
  • Play a lot of time, study a lot of time.
  • My leaves give you the power to do both.
  • Contains many nutrients.
  • Increase your immunity power.
  • Fight against the diseases that come on the way.
  • Build stronger muscles and bones.
  • My leaves are very soft and smooth.
  • It’s easy to cook.  Easier to digest.
  • I am the most nutritious food.
  • Available throughout the year.
  • I am easy crop to grow in your vegetable garden
  • Add me in your diet daily.
  • I am like a Superman of vegetables.
  • Eat the Super food.
  • Make a Salad, Soup or stir fry.
  • Eat me a bowl.
  • Keep your body away from trouble.
  • Next time, when you see me in the market,
  • Buy and eat me from your pocket,
  • Be brisk as a rocket,
  • Eat Spinach,
  • Have a healthy catch.
  • Thank you.

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