Fancy Dress Speech as Strawberry

Fancy Dress Speech as Strawberry
  • Hello Everyone!
  • I am a fruit.
  • My color is bright red.
  • I have juicy texture and I am sweet.
  • There are some small brown dots on me.
  • Likely to be a cone shaped fruit 
  • Yes, It’s me Strawberry.
  • Kids love me very much.
  • I am small in size, sweet in taste.
  • Many desserts are made with me.
  • I am on the Ice Cream topping.
  • You can see me in Jams.
  • Main ingredient of mixed fruit jams.
  • Sometimes dipped in Chocolates too.
  • Most favourite drink of kids, yes….
  • It’s my juice and milkshake.
  • Add milk and some sugar with me.
  • Blend me and you will get a Strawberry milkshake.
  • My colour attracts all kids.
  • So people buy me in large numbers.
  • They eat me fresh and raw.
  • Infact, I am a favourite snack for many people.
  • To make a change, you can make milkshakes and have me.
  • I am rich in Vitamin C.
  • You can get me in the markets in the early summer months.
  • I am full of antioxidants.
  • Healthy fruit like me is always important for your body.
  • I protect your heart and increase your haemoglobin level.
  • Eating me helps to lower your blood pressure level.
  • I help in your brain development and brain health also.
  • Rich in Carbohydrates, you get instant energy once you eat me.
  • So most people have me as their pre-work snack.
  • Have me daily.
  • Be healthy and active.
  • Thankyou and bye!!!

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