Fancy Dress Speech as Tailor

Fancy Dress Speech as Tailor
  • Good morning everyone!
  • Do you want to wear a new model dress?
  • Come to me….I will stitch and give you.
  • My machine creates magic art.
  • Wonderful designs in your clothes.
  • See my needle and thread.
  • They are always with me.
  • Yes, it’s me!….Tailor.
  • I stitch your clothes.
  • Alter them too.
  • What do you want?
  • Want to stitch a frock for you?
  • Or do you want to stitch pants and shirts for you?
  • I am here to make you look awesome.
  • Beautiful girls and handsome boys.
  • Wear perfectly and look beautiful.
  • Everything is possible, 
  • yes, everything is possible
  • Only because of my tailoring machine.
  • It acts as my hand.
  • Helps me to bring out my ideas into reality.
  • I create and make garments of different designs and colors.
  • Tell me your needs and preferences,
  • I will create them in real life.
  • Just wear and look gorgeous.
  • Always be joyous.
  • Any specific design you want,
  • Just tell me and you will see what is sought.
  • Your appointment is fixed.
  • You can come at 10.00am tomorrow to give your dress for stitching.
  • Stitch the dress from me and wear it,
  • Everyone will appreciate you, I swear it.
  • Enjoy life, Be beautiful, Wear awesome dresses.
  • Thank you.

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