Fancy Dress speech as Vet

Fancy Dress speech as Vet
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Do you have pets at home?
  • Yes, then you know me.
  • People call me “Vet”.
  • I am a Veterinary Doctor.
  • If your pet has any problem, bring it to me.
  • I will check your pet’s health.
  • Be it a dog or cat or cow, bring it to me.
  • I hear their problem.
  • Then, I will give medicines.
  • They will get better soon.
  • Be happy to have pets.
  • You must love them, then they will love you.
  • Let me give a check-up, your pet will be free from problems.
  • My dear pets, have healthy foods.
  • Be faithful to your master.
  • Be friendly and loving.
  • Don’t give trouble.
  • Thank you.

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