Fancy Dress Speech as Watermelon

Fancy Dress Speech as Watermelon
  • Good morning Everyone!
  • I am a fruit.
  • People call me “Summer Fruit”.
  • I am big and round or oval in shape.
  • My color is green outside and red inside.
  • Small small black seeds inside.
  • Little heavy to carry me.
  • Yes, it’s me…..Watermelon.
  • Is it too hot now? 
  • Then, it’s time to eat me.
  • Yes, I come during the months of summer.
  • Summer times are really really hot.
  • People get dehydrated because of the heat.
  • To say, My work is to be an energy saver for the people.
  • My pulp is sweet and juicy.
  • So, when people eat me, they stay hydrated.
  • I am full of water content.
  • When we go out in the sun, we get thirsty often.
  • People buy me and quench their thirst.
  • I am available at a cheap cost.
  • Even the poor people can afford to buy me.
  • I am cut into thin slices and sold to people.
  • There are vitamins and minerals in me.
  • I am so happy to see people buy and eat me often.
  • Eat me and stay healthy.
  • Lots of health problems come to people during the summer season.
  • In Spite of the scorching heat, people have to go out to the office.
  • Kids like you have to go to school.
  • So to manage the heat, eat me often.
  • Don’t fear the heat.  
  • The more you eat me, the more the heat in your body gets reduced.
  • You can eat me by buying me whole fruit.
  • Or else, slices are made and available at markets.
  • Kids like you, love to have watermelon juice.
  • Just blend me leaving the seeds.
  • You have yummy yummy juices.
  • Eat me every single day of summer.
  • Be free from all sorts of health problems.
  • Enjoy your life.
  • Be jolly and juicy like me.
  • Thank you.

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