Fancy Dress Speech on Elephant

Fancy Dress Speech on Elephant
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Can you guess me?
  • Yes, I am your favorite animal.
  • I am always the kid’s favorite animal, the Elephant.
  • You all like me because I am a big and strong animal.
  • Look at me.
  • I have one big trunk, two ears, a short tail and two tusks.
  • I use my trunk to pick up any object.
  • My foods are all kinds of grasses, small plants, bushes, leaves, fruits, etc.
  • Mostly, I live in jungles or zoos.
  • In certain places, I am used in circus to do amazing activities and attract the kids.
  • Sometimes, I stand in front of the temple to give blessings to people as I am God’s vehicle during celebration times.  I will do this only if I am trained to do so.
  • Playing in water is my favorite time.  Taking a bath in water like shower is my relaxation.
  • I am used to carry heavy loads and in other labor works too.
  • There is one master for me to take care of me, to give food to me and I follow his training.
  • Kids get happy when they see me. 
  • I also feel happy when I meet people.
  • Thank you.

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