Fancy Dress Speech on Mango

Fancy Dress Speech on Mango
  • Hello everyone,
  • Today is Fruit’s Mela.
  • There are many fruits like Apple, Grapes, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Papaya, etc.
  • I am Mango.
  • Banganapalli is my variety.
  • See the color of me.  I am yellow in color.
  • Just taste the fruit.  I am fleshy and juicy.
  • Sweet, sweet is my taste.
  • I have one big seed inside.
  • Improve your health by eating me and my friends.
  • I am rich in vitamins and help to boost your immunity power.
  • Eat me and take care of your eyes as I have Vitamin A in me.
  • I am always available in the summer season.
  • Waiting for me.  I will come in the months of April and May.
  • Kids enjoy eating me as I am juicy and pulpy.
  • People call me the “National fruit of India.”
  • Bored of eating me in slices, just make Mango Juice, Milkshake, Jam, etc.
  • Eat and enjoy!!!!!
  • Thank you and bye to everyone.

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