Fancy Dress Speech on The Giraffe

Fancy Dress Speech on The Giraffe
  • Hello everyone.
  • I am the tallest animal on land.
  • My name is Giraffe.
  • I have a long face, long neck, two large eyes and hair on my back.
  • There is a stiff mane with two short horns on my head.
  • My specialty is long and slender neck.
  • I have a spotted body.
  • Each and every friend of mine has a different pattern of spots.
  • No two of us have the same pattern.
  • I am taller than other animals.
  • My food habit is herbivores. 
  • I eat leaves and other plant matter.
  • I have long end tails.
  • There is a bunch of black fur at the end of my tail.
  • I am the kids’ favorite animal.  Kids like me as I am the tallest animal.
  • Look with your head up my dear friends.
  • Thank you.

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